Day 20. Up and on the road by 7am. and after 8klms turned off for Purnululu National Park, which is World Heritage Listed. The road in is strictly 4WD with creek crossings, steep hills and crests and sharp bends, it was a great 53klm drive. After booking in at the Visitor's Centre we headed for Cathedral Gorge and the famous Bungle Bungle domes. If you only ever visit one gorge in your life then make sure it is Cathedral Gorge in the Bungle Bungles, it is just incredible. The dome walk is magnificent and well worth the trip into the park. We spent the rest of the day walking around the walks and photographing the scenery. Tonight we are camped in the southern camp area of the park at Walardi. Tomorrow we will explore the northern end of the park. Today we travelled 106.2klms.

Day 21. Stayed in Purnululu National Park today and drove to the Northern end of the park. First stop was Mini Palm Gorge. I said that if you should only ever see one gorge in you life make it Cathedral Gorge, well to see it you would have to be in this National Park, see two gorges, Mini Palm Gorge is magnificent. It is a hike up a creek bed, over boulders, squeeze between large rocks and a bit of climbing but it is worth it. Back in the carpark we had a cuppa end then headed for Achindna Chasm. A one mitre wide chasm with walls soaring over two hundred feet, just unreal. after these two hikes we headed for Kurrawong camp ground and a quiet afternoon. Today we travelled 47.4klms and it felt like nearly as much on foot.

Day 22. We headed for the visitor's centre this morning and rang home before we headed out of the park. It is an exciting four wheel drive out, six creeks to cross, steep hills and tight curves. We pulled into the campground on the highway which is almost opposite the entrance to the park, it was full and filling. People leave their caravans here while the go into the park. We had morning tea with a nice couple who had just come out of the park too. They were school teachers from NSW who have taken a year off to travel around Oz, they do a bit of remote area teaching on the way. We then moved back to our campsite of Friday night on the Ord River. We have been sitting out star gazing. There is no light pollution tonight and the stars go from horizon to horizon, the Milky Way is as a great cloud in the sky running from low on the east to low in the west. Today we travelled 67.5Klms.

Day 23. Had a quiet 100klm run into Halls Creek this morning, there is very little traffic on the roads up here. Stock up onThe road to Middle lagoon fuel, groceries and bread, got onto the internet and downloaded my emails then left town. We drove 198klms towards Fitzroy Crossing to a lovely campspot above a gorge. The run out here was though mostly flat gibber type country with spinnifex, sparse shrubby trees and some grass, but no cattle seen. We were first in, so had the pick of the campspots above the cliff face. Have just come in after watching the sun go down and the stars come out, a lovely evening. Filled with fuel 53.87, $81.83 Klms 422.7. Today we travelled 295.5Klms.

Day 24. Drove into Fitzroy Crossing and to the Information Centre, phoned home and then filled with fuel. We then drove out to Geikie Gorge and first had morning tea, I then went for a walk up the gorge, it is five klms return but all on soft sand. There are some nice views of the walls of the gorge along the walk, it took me nearly two hours to get back. We lunched and then hit the road for Ellendale Rest area where we have now camped for the night. It is crowded and vans are all over the place. Filled with fuel 30.88, $46.41, Klms 292.3 .....Today we travelled 232.9Klms.

Day 25. A bit of a breeze came up during the night and the fly was doing a bit of flapping which woke us early. On the road by 8.30 for Broome, we stopped at Willare Roadhouse for morning tea and arrived Broome early afternoon. We went straight to the Information Centre and was attended to by a very helpful young woman. We wanted to go to Cape Leveque but she informed us it was booked out until next Friday, we booked for three nights at Middle Lagoon, on the Dampier Peninsular, commencing Sunday. As the caravan parks in Broome are not yet full the overflow areas aren't yet open, this meant we had to book into a caravan park. We have heard bad stories about the caravan parks up here but on our arrival at the Roebuck Bay Van Park we were treated very well. We explained how our rig was configured, the two women then discussed which site would suit us best, sent us to look at at what they thought we would like. We took one look and took it for three nights, a huge site with our own picnic tables close to the amenities and a spare block next to us where the Christ the King Mission Churc, Lombadinabarbecues were, plus it was overlooking Roebuck Bay, we thought it the best site in the park and decided all the bad things we had been hearing about van park owners must have been wrong. After we set up we spread out on our block under a big shady tree and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Day 26 & 27. We spent looking around Broome, stocking up, went to the markets, walked around China Town, the Port, walked with the camels along Cable Beach and took loads of photos. To and around we travelled 364.5Klms.

Day 28. We left the van park early, filled with fuel and hit the Cape Leveque Road. For the first fourteen klms it is sealed and then for the next one hundred klms it is rough, and very rough and then in places very, very rough. there is nothing pleasant about the drive at all, no scenery, just a lot of bouncing about. After one hundred klms we were back on the bitumen and about forty klms later we turned off for Middle Lagoon, back off the bitumen but onto a sandy road, rough in parts but not to bad. We arrived and booked in. Our luck had changed, we were given a site in a back paddock by the tanks, no view, no nothing, not even other guests. We went back to the office and told them it was unsuitable and were given a lovely shaded site, back from the cliff tops but with a sea view. It isn't a bad bush camp, nice amenities, nice beach etc. but it is more for the fisherman type holiday. We have sat and read in the shade all day. Filled with fuel56.83, $82.12, Klms 506.4 Today we travelled 173.7Klms

Day 29. Instead of sitting around for two more days we decided to go for a drive up to Cape Leveque, so it was back ontoCape LeVeque at sunset the 33 kilometres of rough sandy track to take us back to the main road north. The 50 kilometre road to the cape was a pleasure to drive. On the way up we dropped onto Lombadina. This is a remote aboriginal community of 60 people just a few kilometres off the main road. Lombadina was once a mission settlement but today is a working aboriginal community aiming for self sufficiency through community ventures which include a general store, artefact and craft shop, a wood fired bakery and tourism. We called into the store to see if we could get a loaf of bread, all sold out though. We wandered around the community, very nice place, tidy, clean, all the kids in school, had a look through the old church. It was built back in the mission days all from local timbers and is now heritage listed. As we left the Art and Craft shop the lady from the store ran over to us and told us she had a loaf of bread available, we took it and when we had it for lunch it was lovely. Then it was back on the road and on to Cape Leveque. Kooljaman, the camp ground, is a multi award winning wilderness camp which is owned by the local Aboriginal people. It has various ranges of accommodation, from up-market luxury safari tents to a camp ground. We had tried to book in Broome but were told it was full, anyway I asked if a camp site was available, was told no, and just as we were paying our daily entry fee a cancellation came through, we took it, so tonight I am paying for two camp sites, one here and one at Middle Lagoon. This is a magical place, red pandin cliffs, clear waters, lovely beach. Today we travelled 105.2Klms.


PurnululuNP, the Bungle Bungles
PurnululuNP, the Bungle Bungles
Purnululu NP, the Bungle Bungles
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