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Here are some links to sites that I find interesting:-


Sue Cooks Web Site

A History of the Abel family at Kwato

Biography of Chales William Abel (1862 - 1930)

History of the rail line built on Samarai in the very early 1900's

Maxine Nadile lives and works in Alotau, the peaceful capital of Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. She lives with her young son Kaure-Muala.This is her story about the daily trials of juggling motherhood,work,wantoks and life in Milne Bay

New Guinea ReminiscencesBy Fred Rennels
(Captain of the Diocese of New Guinea ship, The Maclaren King, (1923-1938)

Letters from a hundred years ago Normal day to day letters from husband to wife who are separated; note the cost of renting a house on Samarai and the Samarai Doctor’s fee

Old Samarai A tale of times gone by

Peter Lovell's photos of Samarai '63-'64. Peter was a Customs Officer during this period on Samarai.

Samarai Island photo gallery of Per Y. Lidvall a visitor's photos of Samarai

A History of J Kitchen and Sons The setting up of copra plantaions, Samarai / Milne Bay in 1907..

Pearl Farming A story of Denis and Yulie George and Pearl Island.

Flying Saucers over Samarai and the Milne Bay District I'm afraid I am a skeptic though.

Motor homes and Travel:-

Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia

Explore Australia

Winnebago Motorhomes

Australias National Parks

Travel Free ?? 8 Tips to Help

A avariety of RV information available here.