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Eileen Morely

Life was good, I was now working in the Hardware Department along with Geoff Holland and Len Larsen and had a girlfriend, Eileen Morley. Geoff eventually left and then came along Frank Luff. Frank took over as Hardware Manager, and was therefore my boss. To say Frank & I didn't get on together would be an understatement. Frank was a short, pugnatious, pommy and we just never saw eye to eye.

One of the great parties at that time was on the 6th June. We called it the sixty six party as it was held at six o'clock on the sixth of the sixth ninteen sixty six. Everyone had to bring six bottles of beer. Frank Luff decided he was going to work on stocktake that night and told us we had to work. That is the type of bloke Frank was. Needless to say I refused and was fired, effective immediately, which meant I could go to the party, I was reinstated the next day. Frank would fire anybody who upset him. He fired John Byrnes one morning for talking to me in the store, John worked for Burns Philp and told Frank exactly what he thought of him and got fired again for his trouble.

There were some great characters on Samarai at this time. Ray Taylor, Freddie Craig, Maurie Hammersley, "Dusty" Millar, Col "Scoffer" Scown, Les McGuiness, Reg Rodd, Les Simpson, Lance Wilkinson, Tim Earl, Owen Cotter. (Have a look at some of these guys now on the Samarai Reunion Page.)

Owen was later to loose his life when the "Bev", skippered by Ray Taylor, sank during a cyclone out at the Conflict Isles, Christmas 1967.

The party go'ers of that time were:- all the Bank Johnnies, Bob Bowman, Phil Harvey, John Lutz, Rory Calhune. The Burns Philp mob, Mike Carvosso, Johnny Byrnes, Sid Matthews, Russ Jennings, John (Porrage, cold and lumpy) Fieldhouse, Pat & Don Henderickson. Steamies mob, Jim Talbert, Jenny Carpenter, Pam Gordon, Eileen Morley, Heather Smith, Mary Edmunds, Vera Golder, Bruce Hawkins, Patsy Copard, Jenny English, Len Larsen, Russ (the Colonel) Griffin, Dauncy and Winston English. These must have been the rowdy ones as they are the ones I most remember.

I think I must have been pretty rowdy too, at the end of 1967, after two wonderful years, I was banished to Mt Hagen and told I wouldn't be able to return.

For the next two years I worked in Mt Hagen and Madang. Ken Lee was my boss and I pestered him daily to get me a transfer back to Samarai. Ken had spent a few years on Samarai himself but said he was unable to get me transfered but promoted me to the manager of the hardware dept. I worked hard at this job and kept pestering until at last Steamies needed a manager for the hardware store on Samarai. In December 1969, after two years, I was back as Hardware Manager.




Eileen Morley
Ron Christianson & Jack Lennon, Partying
Ron Christianson & Jack Lennon, partying.
Liz Tenzier & Eileen Morely at Ware Isle.
Liz Tenzier & Eileen Morely at Ware Isle.
David Jones, Jack Medley, Bruce Hawkins & Rory Calhune at Deca Deca.
David Jones, Jack Medley, Bruce Hawkins & Rory Calhune at Deca Deca.
After softball. L-R Don & Pat Hendrickson, Bill Rafael, Mike Carvosso, Phil Harvey, Bob Bowman, John Byrnes, Russ "The Colonel" Griffen, Sid Matthews.

After a game of softball. L-R: Don Hendrickson, Pat Hendrickson, Bill Raffael, Mike Carvosso, Phil Harvey, Bob Bowman, John Byrns, Russ (The Colonel) Griffen, Sid Matthews.

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