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Day 11. A strange thing happened last night, we were sitting reading after tea and all of a sudden the van started to shake. The park where we were staying was quite large, covering quite a few acres, and we knew there was only one other couple there camping in a tent, I had been speaking to them earlier. I got my torch and went to have a look at what could be shaking us. There outside our van was a very large wombat and it had been scratching it’s back on the underside of the van. It hapened a couple more times during the night but didn’t cause the worry of the first time.
We were up early and it was cool and drizzling rain so we decided it wasn’t the kind of day to go strolling through Kangaroo Valley town ship although it did look very interesting. So we drove up and over Mt. Cambawarra, through the lush rain forest, back to the coast and a bit of shopping in Nowra. Lunched by the beach at Molymook then a drive down through Ulladulla, Bateman’s Bay, Moruya a side trip to Dalmeny and Kianga, then down to Bermagui, Tathra, Bega and to our camp spot for tonight at Yellow Pinch Dam. There is a caravan parked across from us with the smokiest generator we have ever seen, I hope there isn’t a change in the wind direction during the night.
Today we traveled 348.5 klms odometer reading 43017.5.
Kilometres between fuel stops 347.7, litres purchased 48.01, cost $56.90, klms/ltr 7.2422

Day 12. Awoke to the sound of rain on the roof and it has lasted all day. We left Yellow Pinch Dam rest area at 8.15am this morning and headed for Merimbula, but owing to my getting a little confused at the turn off to that town and slamming on my brakes as I took a tight right hand turn, causing road chaos, many blaring horns and a little road rage, we never saw Merimbula on this trip. Instead, after all of the above, we were on the road to Eden and arrived just as the stores opened so we stopped for a bit of shopping. There is very little to be seen after Eden and just over an hour later we arrived at a lovely spot called Gipsy Point where we stopped for morning tea. The two gardens opposite where we parked were full of large grey kangaroos. From there just another 20 klms and we reached Mallacoota on Victoria’s East Gippsland coast. We have booked into the caravan park, done the washing, recharged all the batteries now if only the rain would stop we will have a look around this beautiful spot.
Today we traveled 131.2 klms odometer reading 43148.7.
Kilometres between fuel stops 346.6, litres purchased 48.92, cost $62.08, klms/ltr 7.0850

Day 13. This morning it was still drizzling rain as we left Mallacoota for Orbost but as the morning wore on the skies cleared up, then clouded up, then more drizzle and at last, by this afternoon, clear blue skies. The drive was very interesting as we passed through eucalypt forests and over the Great Dividing Range, the highest point being Mt Drummer at 361 mtrs. The roads are very good with not much traffic. We stopped and had a look at the small township of Cann River and had morning tea at McKenzie River where we went on a small but interesting rain forest walk. Left the Princess Highway and took the tourist road to Cape Conron the on to Marlo and the mouth of the Snowy River. We followed the Snowy River back to the highway and lunched at Orbost in theSlab Hut, Orbost Forest Park, a very pretty spot with a slab hut and water wheel. Orbost is a pretty but quiet town with a lot of shops to rent. We refueled at Newmerella then a few kilometres down the road we turned onto a forestry trail and three kilometers later came to Stoney Creek for a look at a very large wooden trestle railway bridge. The bridge was built in 1906 of iron bark and boxwood, it was last used in 1988 and is quite an impressive structure. Then onto Lakes Entrance. This is a large touristy town but has some magnificent views out over the lakes, harbour and Bass Strait. We went looking for a bush camp but a load limit on a bridge stopped us so we have booked into a caravan park opposite one of the lakes. Had fish & chips for tea and had a bit of luck when I started my lap top, a radio network was available so I downloaded my blog, saves looking for a phone.
Today we traveled 278.8 klms odometer reading 43427.5.
Kilometres between fuel stops 273.7, litres purchased 43.59, cost $52.46, klms/ltr 6.3097.

Day 14. Nice fine cool morning and after walking around to the newsagents for my Saturday paper we were off to Bairnsdale. This is a large town, well laid out and with a large shopping precinct. We visited St Mary’s Church in the main street to look at the hand painted ceiling. It was very impressive and all painted by one man. We then had a walk around town & visited the butcher and fruit shop. After morning tea we left for Bright over the Great Alpine Way. What a ride it was. We started climbing almost immediately and climbed steadily until we reached Orbost. From here the climb became steeper and the road had more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel. We eventually reached Mt Hotham which I think is the highest point in Victoria. It was very scenic with mountain ranges in every direction you looked. Then it was down, much steeper than the climb and in low gear for the first 20 kilometres. A further 25 kilometres and we arrived in Bright, This is a lovely little town with a three kilometre, tree lined avenue leading into the town. At this time of the year all the trees are in their autumn colours and attract visitors from far away just for a look. We are camped by the River Ovens in the local caravan park for the night, it was quite expensive at $28.00, it is also quite cool.
Today we traveled 274.1 klms odometer reading 43,701.6
Kilometres between fuel stops 142, litres purchased 22.98, cost $26.63, klms/ltr 6.1793.

Day 15. A bright sunny morning in Bright today but a frost all over the ground and some of the trees painted with frost. We had a walk around town and took some photos of the trees in their autumn colours then tackled the Great Alpine Road back to Bairnsdale. It is really a thrilling road to drive.. It is a very steep climb for about 35 kilometres with a 35 or 30 kph bend at the most every 100 metres so you have to drive all that way at the most 4o kph. Driving back we had the drop on the left hand side so I had to make sure I stayed on the road. We had lunch at Mt Hotham, it was about 6 degrees. We drove back via Casslies, an old gold mining area, and it was the longest downhill run I have ever done. Lunched in Bairnsdale and filled with fuel. They had their diesel advertised at $1.15 litre but I have just done my spreadsheet and find I have been charged $1.173 per litre, it’s a shame I am 50 klms down the road. We are heading for Sale. The land is all flat since leaving Bairnsdale, the road is straight and flat with the Alps visible far in the North. This is sheep grazing country. We are camped tonight at a rest stop 36 klms west of Bairnsdale on the Perry River.
Today we traveled 268.7 klms odometer reading 43,970.3
Kilometres between fuel stops 464.4, litres purchased 70.84, cost $82.10, klms/ltr 6.5556.

Day 16. A cool frosty morning but it warmed into a nice autumn day today. We haven’t traveled far. We drove into Sale and did a bit of grocery shopping. Sale is a nice looking town, well laid out with nice wide streets. A really nice park around Lake Guyatt made a pleasant place for our morning tea. We then had just a short drive out to the coast at Paradise Point where we have spent the rest of the day. Paradise Point is on 90 Mile Beach, so called because it is actually 90 miles of white sanded beach. Peddled on the bikes and strolled along the beach this afternoon, it’s just like being on holiday. We are going to stay around here for a couple of days but might move to Seaspray tomorrow. I mentioned earlier that My Hotham could be the highest peak in Victoria, well Mt Bogan is at 1986mts Mt Hotham is 1868mtrs which is not even the second highest as Mt Feathertop has that distinction.
Today we traveled 77.2 klms odometer reading 44,047.5

Day 17. It was a cloudy morning this morning. We took a stroll on 90 mile beach before we packed up and headed for Seaspray. I had been looking forward to the drive as the road runs along a narrow strip of land between 90 Mile Beach, to the left, and Lake Reeve to the right. Unfortunately, the drive was a disappointment as both sides of the road for the whole way are planted with trees and shrubs giving not a glimpse of the water on either side. Seaspray is just a quiet little holiday/fishing town at this time of year. After morning tea we drove down to Reeves Beach, it’s all very flat grazing land in this area. The place was pretty uninspiring so we drove on to Yarram and a rest area in the forestry called White Woman's Waterhole (which has all dried up). Tomorrow we will start heading for Wilson’s Prom. Today has been fairly warm but this afternoon a strong wind has come up and cooler weather has been forecast from now on.
Today we traveled 140.7 klms odometer reading 44,188.2.

Day 18. A bit of rain during the night and a cool, cloudy morning. We drove into Yarram and stopped fro a walk around. I had a roll of film developed, badly, and bought some bread & morning tea at the local bakehouse. We have given it the vote for the best bakehouse on the trip so far. The wind sprung up as we were ready to leave town and battered us all the way to Wilson’s Promontory where we arrived at lunch time. It is a very scenic drive into Tidal River, about two thirds down on the western side of the promontory. It’s a cool night with the wind still buffeting the van. We have been warned about the aggressive wombats here & while I was just in the toilet a large rat ran into the cubicle with me.
Today we traveled 128.6 klms odometer reading 44,316.8.

Day 19. The wind had dropped a bit his morning so after breakfast we went for a walk down to Tidal River and around to Norman Beach. It was a very bracing walk to say the least. The scenery here is spectacular but the fires that swept through earlier this year have done a lot of damage and closed a lot of walking tracks. There is nothing open south of Tidal River. There are huge granite boulders and Mount Oberon has huge granite faces at the top. We left about 10am and drove through Stoney Creek, Meeniyan and Koonawarra to Leongatha for lunch, a walk around town and a visit to the supermarket. We then headed for Waragul. It was really lovely countryside on the drive from Kurrumburra to Waragul, we climbed quite high then drove through rolling hills of farms & grazing land. We left Waragul for Drouin after lunch and are now in for the night at a rest area on the Princes Highway on the way to Pakenham.
Today we traveled 201.5 klms odometer reading 44,518.3. Kilometres between fuel stops 458.1, litres purchased 66.36, cost $78.90, klms/ltr 6.9033.

Day 20.  Another quite cool morning but we had a fairly quiet night in the rest area. Alice was woke up once by a truck pulling in with a load of cattle and it took her a while to work out what all the noise & mooing was. It started to rain as we left for Bendigo and rained for a lot of the way, but the light rain & mists added to the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges. The tree ferns beside the road all backed by the colours of the trees in their autumn foliage and the beautiful gardens and the mists made this one of the most beautiful runs on the trip. We stopped for morning tea at Sasafrass, a small village right at the top of the ranges and it was pouring with rain. The colours and scenery through all this area left what we had seen in Bright a very poor second. After descending we headed for the Yarra Valley and through all the vineyards. This area is one of the top wine growing areas in Australia and the vineyards are huge. After driving through the Dandenong Ranges and then the Yarra Valley the rest of the scenery into Bendigo was pretty sedate although we drove through at least two more national parks. By the time we reached Bendigo the rain had stopped but it was still cool and cloudy. We went to the Information Office and were assisted by a very helpful gent who directed us to the showgrounds for our overnight stays. We have Victoria virtually to ourselves, all the Victorians with caravans & motorhomes have left & gone north and nobody come south in winter. So we have all the Bendigo Showgrounds to ourselves as we had Wilson’s Promontory although today we did spot a Winnebago from Queensland in Seymore.
Today we traveled 322.3 klms odometer reading 44840.0.
Kilometres between fuel stops 200.7, litres purchased 31.59, cost $35.65, klms/ltr 6.3533.